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Concorso Italiano

Concorso Italiano 2002.....Part 1of 2
By Laurance Marvin : Senior Editor
Nov 27, 2002, 13:54 PST
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All Photos Copyrights L.Marvin 2002        Please remember there are several high quality images per page. Speed of loading may vary. 

Bugatti's newest creation..........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002


Shockwaves rocked the largest ever crowd at this years Concorso Italiano. The Bugatti , Ford GT-40 and the Ferrari engined "Torpedo" hot rod,combined to overwhelm the public with proving that these prototypes confirming that production will indeed be a reality very soon.
GT 40 America's Legend.........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

The Bugatti and GT40 created a level of excitement seldom seen as viewers pushed and shoved to get closer for a first hand look at the details. The people around the GT40 were so thick that it made getting photos almost impossible. The Bugatti display insulated the car from th ecrowd with a tasteful white picket fence, Guests that were invited to view the car came away almost breathless at the Bugatti's shear beauty and potential power.    The Torpedo a true Ferrari powered "Hot Rod" knocked people off their feet with it's pre-war Grand Prix car styling.

The only Ferrari powered "Hot Rod"......All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

Lambo's special forces have arrived.....All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002
This years Concorso was based on the theme of "Italian Racing Cars & Stars". Again this year Frank and Janet Mandarno were able to deliver the thousands of motorsport fans a high value event that was well worth the price of admission. Concorso Italiano has grown every year and in the process the depth of overall experience never disapointed the Staff of Motorsports Center over the last 17 years. To anyone who has ever attended the real excitement is in the diversity between previous shows. Creating speciality displays of modern and vintage automotive icons on the lawn.  Our goal in covering Concorso is to give our readers in 35 countries a first hand experience, in hopes that they will attend next year or in the near future. The most productive angle that we can provide our readers with, is focusing on this years experience. Devote our photography to multiple perspectives of the most historically important and beautiful. Concorso Italiano has also provided italian motorcycles with a deserving place within the motor based artform on display. 



Alfa Tipo 33 ...........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002


You know......I do all my own tune ups.....All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002
Hey look what I found! .....All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

As work our way across the "Lawn" here at Concorso Italiano there are always more interesting surprises just waiting around the corner. We turn towards the Ferrari Owners Club cars on display. To get there we need to work our way through the growing crowd and hills of the golf greens. On our way we pass the Chrysler concept project the Atlantic and notice a serious lack of interest from the public. The car is interesting but it size is large and disconnected.





Wild but did not capture the publics interest....All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

We have some additional photos of the Chrysler which you will find in the gallery at the end of this story. The Chrysler from almost every angle was ackward and about three times the size of either the GT-40 or the Bugatti. The car is so large I would doubt that it could fit in any regular single parking spot in a mall parking structure.  Now we turn to join the stream of people heading in the direction of the Panteras.


Pantera's and Ferrari's.........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

So now cross through the Pantera Owners display, we can see several Ferrari's in groups. There are groupings of F-40's along with other exotic models from the early periods of Ferrari's accomplishments.

Climbing Ferrari hill..........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

Finally we slip through the crowd and in the direction of the F-40's. We find a three in a group and they attract a great deal of attention for all of the people in the area. Cameras are clicking and strobes are flashing the whole time. Trying to get a clear shot, even at this early morning hour is not easy. By noon the crowd is so large that serious photography is not possible.

Three F-40's...........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002

As the last car "design" produced under the direction of Enzo Ferrari. The F-40 carries a special attraction and distinction for Ferrari owners. It is also the closest to a ready to race platform of any model produced in many years before it's release. It lacks the same conforts of F-50. The car has a very raw, almost brutal nature. Which I love. It will be very interesting to see comparison in nature between the last of Enzo's actual cars, and the new "Enzo" being released at Paris 2002 Auto Show this month. The new car will be a heart stopper for sure.  

A little Ferrari Envy........All Copyrights L.Marvin 2002


Section 2 of our coverage of Concorso Italiano is only "The New Bugatti". This will give our readers a real first hand experience of this stunning achievement that is now a reality and going into production.

Also don't miss our special multi section of Pebble Beach 2002






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