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Concorso Italiano

Concorso Italiano 2006...Monterey's Panoramic Event
By L.Marvin: Senior Editor.........All Photos L.Marvin Copyright 2006
Oct 7, 2006, 12:48 PST
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August in Monterey, California is all about the big vintage automotive events. Concorso Italiano remains the largest. Both in physical size and also for total one day attendance.  Relocated to the Fort Ord golf course away from its original birth place at the Quail in Carmel. Concorso has grown dramatically and is now second for attendance only to the Monterey Historic Races, over a Laguna Seca / Mazda Raceway.

The overall personality has also changed, originally Concorso was a much more tightly focused and exclusive event. Now Concorso is more inclusive offering attendance for any owner of any Italian automotive brand. So this opens up more reasons for the public to attend and also to linger as for most auto fans. They will be afforded the opportunity to see many more unfamilar models and from all periods of the first century of automotive history. 

The Fort Ord Golf facility also lends it's self to creating a different enviroment to any of the other events in Monterey. The course is covered with many large trees that provide excellent areas for relaxation, as reaching the total scale of Concorso requires a serious workout. You're either walking up hill or downhill just to make it over the next knoll to discover something you know is worth the effort, and price of admission.  

As you make your aerobic tour, Concorso is laced with endless vendors who are as much of a source of historic interest as you could find anywhere.

 Here you can find just about anything to either eat, drink or collect. From models and posters to clothing, books and photographs. Not to mention performance products for each and every brand of Italian pocket rocket. Many of the fans in attendance claimed that they spent several hours. Also making more than one trip back to thier car to unload the goodies they had purchased during the day. We advise lots of sun screen.

Because Concorso is so large and it also affords a rare experience of finding large rows single models of Maserati's, Ferrari's, Alfa Romero's, Lanica's, DeTomaso's, Fiat's and many other rare marques.  As mentioned before, where would you find such a unusual grouping of Fiat's.

Concorso Italiano truly is the panoramic event of Monterey. So in keeping with the scope of the event. I shot all the photos with a Hasselblad Pan-X camera, so  you readers can join us on the lawn or fairway. It is really hard to translate the visual impact in just a few small conventional images. It is a shame that most magazines never seem to give Concorso the depth of coverage it received in the past.  

Consorso however does not have the focused edge that was its reputation during it's development. Also the new management does not seem to be able to meet it's stated objectives. A good example is the highly promoted 50th Anniversary of Giugiaro, which was clearly stated in the program and never delivered. This was not because of the Giugiaros or an unwillingness to return to Concorso. How do we know? Our longstanding freindship with the Giugiaros and Italdesign management tipped us off that the agreement of necessary arrangements for this display were not happening. So Giugiaro withdrew. This is a shame as there will never be another 50th Anniversary of Giugiaro. An event that has recieved international celebration.  So Concorso's new management is still on a steep learning curve.  

One important event that was created for this years Concorso, was the Apollo GT Reunion. The Apollo was created by Milt Brown, Ron Plescia and Ned Davis. Their efforts resulted in the production of 88 cars. Built between 1963-65. The Apollo combined the best of italian coachwork, and american running gear, sporting the Buick 200Hp V8 3.5 liter Alum-alloy engine. These cars were priced between the Jaguar and Ferrari's at $7000.  the Apollo was given milestone status by the MilestoneCar Society in 1979. These cars are higly prized by collectors.

The convertable Apollo's are the rarest of all Apollos. A total of 9 Apollo's made the reunion at this years Concorso.

Ferrari fans are always assured of the largest assembly of models and colors. as owners come from as far away as New York, Florida. So no matter what your favorite model, you will find it here. Every major Italian Automotive Club is represented. This of course is another reason why Monterey in August is the most exciting place on the planet.  That's if your a car nut, isn't everyone?

Maserati's Bora's were again well represented, as were all of the major Maserati models. Often creating entire rows showing each year of the production of a single model.


As we can see Concorso Italiano is growing larger every year and the attendance proves that it's popularity with the public is growing as well. The Concorso has changed and will grow and change more over the next few years. So we encourage anyone who loves cars and is looking for a great way to spend a day. Make you purchase of tickets early for 2007.



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