Pebble Beach Concours
Pebble Beach Concours 2006.........Photo Gallery 1
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Oct 19, 2006, 00:33 PST

1932 Bucciali TAV 12 Saoutchik Berline Our choice for most spectular grill.....All photo copyrights L.Marvin 2006

Allow extra download time due to large file sizes. As always Pebble Beach gathers an amazing collection of historic automotive gems. This year the theme was French coachbuilders. But that was only a small part of the wide range of excellence on display. As always we think that our images do a better job of bringing you the event and the spirt of the moment.  So look, download for your personal enjoyment.

Flamboant Delahaye's in almost every color streched the length of the sea wall.

Each year Pebble Beach draws not only the most exotic examples of the automotive universe, but also the who's who of the automotive world. An excellent example can be seen here judging this stunning Ferrari. Look closely and you see Ian Callum. Currently enjoying the spotlight for his latest Jaguar creation. But of course his accimplishments from Aston Martin. Ian is really one of the great designers and always so approachable and willing to talk to anyone anywhere.

Designer Ian Callum ( of Aston Martn & Jaguar ) steps in to play the role of judge.

We see the real excitement in the many fine details of style and functionality of historic concepts as they defined the highest leves of consumer demand and performance....even if from over 70 years ago. That is also another great experieince you get every year that we attend Pebble Beach is time travel effect. Sometimes reaching back more than a century, really helps hammer home the element of change and transition of style of the automotive age. 

Interior of a stunning Blue Delahaye

Delahaye is truly one of the most flamboyant expressions of coachwork in the history of automotive design theory. This years display went another step in proving that it's status in history is secure.  Many people saw Delehaye as bordering on the outrageous in it's day. Today some of the Delahaye's are still so futuristic as to inspire anime creators. This is easy to understand when you such radical designers like Figoni-Falaschi, Saoutchik ,Chapron, as well as Letourneur & Marchand.  

Voisin Cabriolet

Another of the featured French coachbuilders was the house of Voisin. the Voisin's in attendance covered the period of 1927 to 1938. Often seen as a more stark and conservative designs. Voisin's coachwork enjoyed a wide apperciation in the pre-WW 2 era.  We counted about 14 examples in attendance. As we work our way around the lawn this year we will see numerious examples of another great freanch coach builder Delage.  

The French always love basic black

Look for our Pebble Beach Gallery Part 2, where we will exmaine the depth of other stunning historic automotive icons, that only seem to appear on the Pebble Beach lawn. Also look for our soon to be released coverage of the Historic Automobile Races 2006.

Not quite like your CL55...but he does love what he drives


The details, like this steering wheel punctuate a bygone elegance


A 250 SWB Ferrari's great styling reaches across generations to unite young and old

If you want to see a excellent example of how Pebble Beach can effect the people in attendance. Look no further than the little girl and senior citizen both in the process of interacting with the stunning yellow 250 SWB Ferrari.  The age spread is probably 60 years plus, but both have the same need to capture a special memory. Pebble Beach is amazing for it's ability to unite peoples apperciation of beauty and history. Even when the people are not sure why.

1967 Bizzarrini P538


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1963 ATS 2500 GT Scaglione / Allemano Coupe

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